The Anchorman /// 16th May

Date May 16th 2014 Publisher

This week sees Tomfoolery polishing off two of our bigger projects, but that hasn’t stopped us from staring into the abyss of the internet on the odd occasion. This is what stared back.

Has Life in the Age of Casual Magic Made Moveiers Numb to the Amazing?

Drew McWeeny talks about how to retain the wonder of cinema when the impossible becomes regular and innovation occurs every year.

“One of the benefits of introducing my kids to films from every era of filmmaking instead of just falling into that trap of only showing them new things is that they seem perfectly willing to watch a film with less-than-perfect effects as long as they’re interested in what’s happening.”

Adobe Voice – Adobe’s Free iPad Animation Tool

Adobe releases Voice, a quick and attractive way to cobble together an animated video on your iPad.

5 Top Cinema 4D Plugins

We’ve just started dabbling with Cinema 4D at Tomfoolery and it’s always useful to look at some of the best plugins to get inspired.

3D Corner Text in After Effects

A great tutorial for a simple and attractive text style by Evan Abrams.

Title Design of Saul Bass

The peerless Art of the Title put up a compilation of Saul Bass’ title sequences. It doesn’t need to be anything more than that.

Are Indie Horror Movies in Trouble?

Greg Cwik looks at the changing landscape for indie horror;

“It’s a struggle for distributors to afford the risk of niche films, but VOD allows them to release films that may have smaller audiences without going bankrupt.

(Ti) West, whose films are distributed by Magnolia Pictures, endorsed the prospects of VOD, which may strike some fans as ironic, as West was deemed a “retro” filmmaker… after his “The House of the Devil,” set sometime in the Reagan era and filmed with anachronistic equipment, was a sleeper hit.”

Spielberg’s Cinematography – The Long Take

Everyone loves long takes! It’s true. If you don’t, you really do and you’ve got some hate inside you that needs working out. Here Tony Zhou looks at Spielberg’s use of the form, who tends to be more subtle in their use than other filmmakers.

Live Action Akira

A live action Akira should never happen, but this crowd funded fan film is great fun.

New York’s Subway Illustrations

New York’s tiled subway signs are one of the quietest reminders of where you are when you’re there. The NY Train Project is illustrating every one of them.

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